From original production to repair processing

  • Dedicated workshop attached to Matsuyama Head OfficeDedicated workshop attached to Matsuyama Head Office

A dedicated workshop specializing in jewelry production is located at Matsuyama Head Office, and we strive every day to improve quality.

A group of experts led by Subhajit Hizuri,.From the production of one-of-a-kind original jewelry using 3D CAD and laser welding machine, to repair processing that requires delicate and sensitive technology by hand, we can cope with any difficult task with all-powerful.

While they have professional skills, they are cheerful and serious young men. Murata Jewelry’s Matsuyama head office has been expanded to a dedicated repair workshop where everything from jewelry production to repair processing is performed consistanly.

  • State of the studioState of the studio
  • Craftsmen in the workshopCraftsmen in the workshop

Original Jewelry Making

  • ①3DCAD①3DCAD
  • ②3D printer②3D printer
  • ③Resin extraction③Resin extraction
  • ④Silver prototype④Silver prototype
  • ⑤Rubber mold making⑤Rubber mold making
  • ⑥Cast finish⑥Cast finish
  • ⑦Stone setting⑦Stone setting
  • ⑧Polishing proces⑧Polishing proces

We consistently perform all production processes, from design by 3D CAD to prototype production by 3D printer.

  1. Create a design with 3D CAD
  2. Resin is extracted from the design drawing drawn by 3D CAD with Envision (3D printer)
  3. The resin extracted by Envision is used as the prototype
  4. Resin is cast to create a silver prototype
  5. From the silver prototype create a rubber mold for mass production
  6. Finish casting (Cut the sprue and proceed to the finishing process)
  7. Stone setting
  8. Polishing process

Repair processing

  • Polishing procesPolishing proces
  • Rhodium platingRhodium plating
  • Laser weldingLaser welding

Resizing / new finish / Stone clasp / Chain cut / bracelet and chain repair / Recombination / Thread exchange / Insert or Erase letter / earrings processing / ring deformation / reaching correction / Accessory repair / remake, etc.

Laser Engraving

  • Laser engraving machineLaser engraving machine
  • SettingSetting
  • Internal expansionInternal expansion
  • Engraving in progressEngraving in progress

We have introduced the latest laser engraving machine, and it is possible to engrave initials and messages on the front and back of the ring.