Everything is related to happiness.

The policy is being for employee.

  • Let’s do it become fun.
  • Let’s do it become happy.
  • Let’s do it growing up.

Customer Satisfaction

We strengthen the structure in order to supply high quality and attractive jewelry stably as well as we offer high-quality maintenance and follow-up service.

Repair & Processing

Continuing Confidence

To build continuing confidence with our customers, all employees improve their ability to meet the customer’s demands and we carry out the work out with responsibility to our society and the industry as well as our customers through various social contribution activities.

Social contributions

Our Unique Value

To offer our unique value unrivaled in the industry, we have been participating to some exhibitions in Japan and overseas continuously and pioneering a new market for stock, also we perform the development of our original products and our service positively.

In 2002, we’ve acquired ISO 9001 for the first time in the industry.

The best partner for our customers.