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Jewelry Import & Wholesale / Precious metal processing
  • Stable supply of fresh and attractive products.

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  • Fast, reasonable price and accurate repair and processing in our own factory.

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  • Supply something of value, reliable relationship.

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The best partner for our customers...Murata Jewelry Inc.

The best partner for our customers

We aim to become “the best partner for our customer” and brush up our skills day by day. And we will continue to provide valuable products and services while each has awareness and responsibility that “We are jewelry concierge”.

BtoB Online Shop

Online shop for retailers

The online shop “The Jewelry Concierge” operated by Murata Jewelery is exclusively for jewelery retailers. Please note that general customers cannot purchase.

Membership registration is required for use by jewelry retailers.

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Tokyo Physical Store

Murata jewelry Tokyo head office jewelry shop

We operate a wholesale shop on the first floor of tokyo head office.

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It’s a wide variety of goods and high-quality.
It’s possible for our customers to get wide range of products accordance with customer’s preferences from hot selling items to regular items through the trade with us.
We strengthen the development of stock of goods especially diamonds, necklaces, pierce and bracelets.
Also we predict the trend of the future products and we are getting them through our own routes.
Eventually we are able to supply high-quality products stably.
We are getting them from Italy, Hong Kong, Bangkok, India and Mainland China through our own routes.
Our employees whom procure the original products is GIA GG graduate gemologist of Gemological Institute of America.
We are able to have business meetings with you at your office speedily if you call our sales division at Matsuyama, Tokyo and Kofu branch, we will bring some sample products.
Additionally our company are participating some dealer exhibitions that is well known in the country like IJT and JJF and also we have our own exhibitions several times in a year.

「The Jewelry Concierge」Online shop is applicable for members only.
①Access to
②Fill out an online member application form→After we have approved your member application, you can use 「Murata Net Shop」.
③Select the products and quantity, then click on ‘Add to Cart’.
④We will ship the product after we have confirm your payment.
We display our products at IJT (International Jewelry Tokyo), JJF (Japan Jewelry Fair) and IJK (International Jewelry Kobe), KJF (Kofu Jewelry Fair), JTO (Jewelry Town Okachimachi), Yamanashi Quintet Jewelry Fair and various dealer exhibitions all over Japan.
We display our valuable products, limited items and regular items at each exhibition and we support customer’s product line up.
Also every year, we sponsor a product for the “Japan Jewelry Best Dresser Award”.
We aim to display our products at dealer exhibitions in overseas anytime soon.
Our service is quick ,low price and has solid quality.
Please do inquire us regarding jewellery repair.
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