Dec 1979 Murata Jewelry Trading Co., Ltd. was incorporated at Tachibana, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime with a capital of \10 million.
Apr 1983 Held general exhibition, “Shining Fair”.
1986 Developed shops as a distributor of national brands, “Celine” and “Renoma”.
1988 Introduced designers’ jewelry into exhibitions.
1992 Introduced flyer advertisement planning.
Sep 1994 Koichiro Murata joined the Company
Mar 1995 Name was changed to “Sambi Ten” from “Shining Fair” and exhibitions were held eleven times a year at 9 sites in major cities of Shikoku.
Apr 1995 Head Office was relocated to Asoda, Matsuyama-shi.
1996 Marketed house brands, “Earth Story”, “Kokoro”, “Aphrodite”, “Jupiter” and “FAVORITE”.
May 1997 Exhibited at IJK.
Oct 1997 Opened Bangkok Branch.
May 1998 Exhibited at IJK.
Apr 1999 New Company Building was completed in Nakamura, Matsuyama-shi.
Dec 1999 Held a 20th Anniversary Commemoration Party.
Apr 2001 Opened Tokyo Branch in Okachimachi, Exhibited at JTO after setting up a new shop in Jewelry Town Okachimachi.
Jan 2002 Exhibited at IJT.
Jul 2002 Koichro Murata became President.
Sep 2002 Exhibited at JJF.
Dec 2004 We are the first company to obtain ISO9001 certification in jewelry industry.
Then we are taking improvement almost always for customer & staff.
Jan 2005 Established group company, “jewelry Planet”.
Apr 2005 Creators of jewelry for widely popular Korean singer BOA and established distributors throughout Japan.
Oct 2005 Tokyo Branch was reorganized into the Tokyo Head Office.
2006 Marketed house brands, “Victorian’s Gate” and “DESIGRE”.
Apr 2006 Opened Kofu Branch.
2009 Marketed house brand, “Quadrille”.
2010 Promoted social contribution by a house brand, “Love & Piece”.
Sep 2011 Participated Hong Kong jewelry fair.
Nov 2011 Deployed our brand, “Quadrille and Italy”.
Feb 2012 Tokyo head office, relocated and expanded.
Aug 2014 Deployed our brand,”minette”.
Nov 2015 Introduced laser welding machine.
Dec 2015 「We Love Jewelry」information campaign start for the jewelry market activation.
Mar 2016 Increasing capital to 30 million yen.
May 2016 introduced 3D CAD and 3D printer.
Aug 2016 Issue of bank guaranteed private placement bonds.(issue amount 100 million yen)
Sep 2016 New factory establish with manufacture expansion.
2018 Tokyo head office relocated to new building.
Nov 2018 Opened Hong Kong branch.
Mar 2020 Hong Kong branch closed.
Apr 2020 Murata Net Shop, a membership-based online shop for jewelry retailers, was established.